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I'll just translate the parts that Rui Unas actually interviews Diogo Morgado; OK?

Rui begins by saying that this is the last chapter of this season and therefore he decided to bring two very special guests.

Rui Unas: I think that he will not like this introduction but I brought the baby Jesus, Diogo Morgado! (all the public laughs and gives a round of applauses)

Rui continues saying...

Rui Unas: Is everyone ready for my next guest? He will not like this. Jesus will be among us!I can say this because I am his friend . He hates it, really hates it. I can say this because he is a friend of mine, YES, I must mention that he is my friend and not yours friend (the public seems sad sarcastically), NO, he is friend of everyone. It is now. On this right moment: Diogo Morgado!

Diogo enters on the set to be interviewed by Rui. He makes a funny and naughty face to Rui like if he was saying on silence “ You bastard “ and they give a warmth embrace like real brothers. We can see that this friendship is for real and without any demands: a purest one!

Diogo Morgado: Thank You! - He makes a sort of a vow to the audience...

Rui Unas: This guy is my friend (proudly speaking)

Diogo Morgado: I`m friend of Rui Unas (we stands up again and embrace him)

Unas & Diogo together: We are friends!

Diogo Morgado: Its true a friendship available on 20 Euros a month / or that coasts 20 Euros a month...

Rui Unas: Do you have notion that you are only my friend three times a month? (must be the times that they speak by cell phone or Skype or another social network, true friendships are like that, never dies despite the distance)

Diogo Morgado: Anyway, it does not cost as much

Diogo Morgado: Good night! -  Adressing to the audience... 

Rui Unas: This is a guest that acts as it should be; a guest who arrives, greets the public: That`s how you behave there on the States?

Diogo Morgado laughs always with that sparkling smile!

Diogo Morgado: I knew it, I knew it. Essentially I come here for Rui makes fun of me.

Rui Unas: Never (laughing)

Diogo Morgado: Nooooooooo (laughing)

Rui Unas: You just arrived more or less a week ago?

Diogo Morgado: Yes, a week ago

Rui Unas: Thank you so much for coming Diogo!

Diogo Morgado: I'm the one that haves to thank you for inviting me. Plus, that was not an invitation; you convened me to come (what might well be true)

Rui Unas: It was to close the cycle of the program!

Diogo interrupts...

Diogo Morgado: Can I share with the public how it was the invitation?

Rui Unas: Ok, go on!

Diogo Morgado: He invites me by message saying “Is there any chance... “

Rui Unas interrupts abruptly Diogo saying...

Rui Unas: My voice doesn`t sounds like that!

Diogo Morgado: But...It was by message...

Rui Unas: When you hear me do you have any notion how I actually speak?

Diogo makes a funny face and starts imitating Unas accent from “ Margem Sul “ that is a mix of kizomba accent, Brazilian and something else impossible to describe with words. You can see by Diogo face that is a funny one! Actually people here speak like that (I live on Margem Sul)!

Diogo Morgado: Can you appear on my show??? Then with quotation marks: “You must come to my program on 22 December “And it was like that!

Rui Unas: You convened me to NOT present my program...

Diogo apparently playing the role of embarrassment

Diogo Morgado: I... I... I...

Rui Unas: You were talking with your agent or manager or whatever…

Diogo interrupts Rui.

Diogo Morgado: I recommended ok? But pay attention; it was for the sake of the program...

Rui Unas: Yes, of course, doing the program without cameras and just with sound...

Diogo laughing sarcastically tries to explains

Diogo Morgado: For the sake of the program only...

Rui Unas: You wanted to call me Carla Antunes.

Diogo Morgado: I have a great respect for people who are at home watching this...on the other hand, you, well... It must be like this. We got to approach both sides. It must be an unilateral teasing.

They start teasing each other with foolish comments that actually I think that has no relevance at all to be put in here but it had something to do with the lipstick of Rui Unas. Seriously, they were joking...

Rui Unas: Now seriously, you arrived one week ago! How long you had been on States?

Diogo Morgado: Hum... Six months exactly!

Rui Unas: Six months??? You arrived one week ago and what was the first Portuguese food that you have eaten?

Diogo Morgado: Really, I can`t remember!

Rui Unas: A great steak with Portuguese potatoes or codfish `a Brás – Typical Portuguese dish!

They start talking about the codfish that exists in LA. Diogo says that what he misses most actually is the codfish cause Unas asked him if he didn`t had desires of the pastels of Belem; I will move forward ok?

Diogo Morgado: But why do I still think that one day that I come to a Rui Unas program and the conversation is going to be a serious one?

Rui Unas: Ok, let`s talk about work! Rui puts a serious face.

Diogo Morgado: We already talked about lipstick; codfish; the absence of codfish, that was what I was talking about: that respect that he have for people at home...

Rui Unas: People at home at this hour want this. They want what? Serious things?

Diogo laughing with embarrassment

Diogo Morgado: Do you want this kind of conversation at home?

Diogo makes the question addressing to the public

Diogo morgado: Ai JESUS, yes I have so start making fun of myself someday (in respect of having make a reference to Jesus) I can say “ Ai Jesus ok ?”

Rui Unas: I`m the only guy that can joke with you concerning that without making you upset, do you deal better with that? Nowadays, you still have to deal with this!

Diogo acts like he is angry (I hope he is not for the Good Sack of the poor girl of the social media publicity department)

Diogo Morgado: The Post from here on Face ...

Rui quickly says...

Rui Unas: It wasn`t me!

Diogo Morgado raises his voice higher and higher like Neptune angry with the sea

Diogo Morgado very angry: Where is the responsible of the social media of this show?

Rui Unas: Gosh, Jesus got furious! - Unas makes a very scared face

Diogo Morgado: Where is he? Come on! Bring him here! – Still acting very furious. He even became hoarse!

Rui Unas: He looks furious as when Jesus encountered the mercenaries in the temple – Unas jokes!

In the meanwhile we can see the face of the social media responsible that is a youngest girl that actually seems scared by the attitude of Diogo. She tries to disguise the situation but we can sense the discomfort. Diogo starts scream at her on a very strange way (REALLY)

Diogo Morgado: Hey you, yes YOU...

Rui Unas: Her name is Joana !

Diogo Morgado: Joana, my name is Diogo not HOT JESUS, DIOGO!!!

He acts really furious and he makes some gestures like a gangster, what makes the audience laugh but the poor girl must had felt ashamed!

Rui Unas: This is not the HOT JESUS, this is the FURIOUS JESUS! Furious Jesus!

Diogo ease his voice tone and says more softly and gentle

Diogo Morgado: I was kidding! Poor girl she must feel so ashamed! Sorry! Sorry...

Rui Unas: I would excommunicate her if I were you!

Diogo Morgado: Sorry, later I send you a Christmas basket!

The audience laughs loudly to this scene of Diogo!

Diogo Morgado: But then I picked up the photo and said “Ok I'll be there “and here I am!

Rui Unas: And here you are!

Diogo Morgado apologizes to the people at home explaining that he and Unas have a very weird friendship: that makes the public even laugh more due to the way that Diogo says that! When people laughs loudly on a naughty way Diogo tells the audience to be quiet and continues saying that there is a lack of adjectives to describe their friendship.


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Rui Unas: I was already placing my voice to speak seriously...

Diogo interrupts again.

Diogo Morgado: See? He cannot even have an alignment to interview; he cannot do it – Diogo laughs!

Rui Unas: Ok, Diogo Morgado, Portuguese actor, living abroad, on the USA.

Diogo interrupts again…

Diogo Morgado: He is following guidelines! – Audience laughs

Rui Unas: … I`m not… Diogo is involved on a new project CSI…

Diogo Morgado: You can tell it on the Portuguese way (in fact we don`t pronounce CSI on the American or English way but on a very particular Portuguese tone or accent)

Rui Unas: CSI:CYBER – Rui makes an effort to articulate the world with a very American accent...

Rui Unas: Ok, talk me about that! – Diogo still laughs like crazy at the attempts of Rui to say it on an American way. Diogo really is unable to stay quiet and serious next to his best mate but Rui continues.

Rui Unas: CSI is your most recent project!

Diogo Morgado: Yes, it is the project where I am currently working, outside Portugal, namely in the United States, my character is Miguel Vega, an agent of Interpol...

Rui Unas: It is Latin?

Diogo Morgado: We assume that he is European and in certain cases he helps the CSI team in LA.

Rui Unas: This series is already in which season?

Diogo Morgado: The Second One.

Rui Unas: You appear on...

Diogo Morgado: I enter on the middle of the season.

Rui Unas: How many episodes did you entered?

Diogo Morgado: I cannot reveal that!

Rui Unas: Really? You cannot say anything? Contractual terms?

Diogo Morgado: No, there s nothing to deal with that but there are people watching this program. Not only these here in the studio.

They begin to joke again, this time, about the audience of Unas program! Rui makes a very astonished face...

Rui Unas: Are you telling me (still astonished)

Diogo Morgado: We are surrounded by cameras that actually capture a signal in the studio and then broadcasts on TVs in people's homes, they are few`s enough.

Rui Unas looks at Diogo with a funny face because Diogo is so serious saying that in such a sarcastically way and then laughs...

Diogo Morgado: Actually they are a lot of people seeing this program but not on this day of the week ( Rui presents 5 Para A Meia Noite on Tuesdays )

Rui laughs and the audience too!

Rui Unas delighted: Diogo Morgado, THE ENTERTAINER! (Rui say that`s because obviously Diogo is tripping with him)

Rui Unas: Now seriously, you really cannot tell anything?

Diogo Morgado: It is that I cannot say but I think that people shall follow the series no matter who enters and when.

Rui Unas: But do you enter on the third season or not?

Diogo Morgado: We don`t know if there is a third season but that is completely normal.

Rui Unas: Two days ago we did not know either if there would be a next season of this program. (Rui cough)

Rui Unas: When you heard that you were going to do the CSI you were already a fan?

Diogo Morgado: Yes, I was a fan of some of the series cause till last year there were at least three, I guess, and they are all very different, not only regarding the city where they take place but also the entire cast and the whole dynamic, the actors... I was a fan of CSI:NEW YORK for instance...

Rui Unas starts tripping again...

Rui Unas: Did you ever tried to make that number of the sun glasses of Horacio?

Diogo starts laughing and all the audience too. What follow next is Diogo and Rui making a contest of best reinterpretation of Horacio scenes with the sun glasses. Actually both were equal good on doing so, we could say that Diogo won but actually I think that they tied on this game of CSI: NEW YORK! Anyway, it is hilarious and they laugh like crazy. They amuse each other and the all audience with such ease! Then they continue the program seriously !




Rui Unas: Well, curiously, on the other day I read an article, this is really true, I read that on “Correio da Manhã “

Diogo becomes serious because he knows the subject that Rui will bring to the table.

Diogo says sarcastically: If it appears on “Correio da Manhã “it is strictly true (Diogo says that cause “ Correio da Manhã “ is best known in Portugal for being a sensationalist newspaper and the audience laugh, of course)

Rui Unas: They reported that you participated in one of the worst series ever of the USA; we are talking about “The Messengers “

Diogo Morgado: The worst series ever??? – He just laughs

Rui Unas: No?

Diogo Morgado: No, actually I read the all article. It was considered one of the worst series of the year – Diogo still laughs – and of the last year.

Rui Unas: Honestly it affected you? I`m miles away and I mean... There is really the necessity of appealing a series like one of the worst?

Diogo Morgado: The fact that this is a report or a simple news doesn`t affect me! What affects me is a weekly newspaper like Sol (Diogo says this in an emphatic tone because in Portugal “ Sol “ is seen was a serious and honorable newspaper) make a post of that on my Facebook!

Rui look astonished to Diogo because it seems really very silly and severe at the same time doing such thing.

Rui Unas: WHAT?

Diogo Morgado: I went to my facebook and there was a post of the newspaper “ Sol “saying exactly that: “ Series with Diogo Morgado one of the worst of the year “ and I think “ What the hell ? “

Rui Unas: In “Correio da Manhã “ the article is there, it shows honesty

Diogo Morgado: Hum, yes!

Rui Unas: Ok, let s be honest the show went wrong!

Diogo Morgado: It was not one of the most well accepted series by an audience.

Rui Unas: Yes that is a euphemism for going terribly wrong.

Diogo laughs!

Rui Unas: But curiously did not went very badly for you!

Diogo Morgado: For me, not at all!

Diogo is obviously speaking about the fact of being the main protagonist and about all the marketing and publicity that the series brought him. Actually he was nominated at the “ Imagen Awards “ in LA on the Summer for playing the role of THE MAN on THE MESSENGERS.

Rui Unas: The series was canceled. You had a great protagonism on it!

Diogo Morgado: I was the main character yes, the bad guy; after I had participated on the Bible Series and the Son Of God that was what I was looking for; a character that was not the good guy. For me it was perfect!

Rui Unas: It was exactly the opposite of what you had done.

Diogo Morgado: Yes, I mean...It was the Devil! For me personally it was very interesting, as getting knowledge, as an actor, doing a series from the beginning till the end in a foreign language. That is an acquaintance that I will never forget. It was a reward actually! Now, that the series has a sensitive theme of hard promotion, that it is difficult to categorize because from the departure looks like is a series of super powers but then it has nothing to do with that! It is about religion, good and evil and at the same time our human condition. I think that there was a great dispersion of what the series was in fact and things in the United States works on a different way. On the first three episodes you have a sort of deadline to define what is the series about, what is the story that you will tell to invites people that are seeing the series to continue following the plot!

Rui Unas: They canceled the series in the middle?

Diogo Morgado: No, there was no need for that!

Rui Unas: You don`t have that feeling “Damn it! I messed up “

Diogo Morgado: No, no, not at all! The channel where the series was aired (CW) was very clear concerning that, saying that such thing was nothing to do with my acting, or other actors performances or even the production or the script. That was something where we bet, CBS produced what CW requested and CW then just realized that was not the best bet. Sometimes we need to move to three or four different subjects to one make sense to people truly appreciates like Glee for example; Glee took a lot of time to be grabbed for someone even before the beginning of his own production because it was a musical genre and I mean “ A musical series? Everyone sings and dances but who wants to see such a thing? “and then Disney got famous with something of the same genre and that was the step and the impetus for what would became Glee and they collected seasons and fame and it could have been a lousy bet and they could have died on the first season.

Rui Unas: What is certain is that you are acting with extraordinary names such as...

Diogo Morgado: Patricia Arquette (Diogo says it proudly)

Rui Unas addressing to the audience

Rui Unas: Do you know who Patricia Arquette is? Go to Internet! This man performed side by side with Patricia. They get along wonderfully!

Diogo Morgado: It is going very, very well indeed and they are extraordinary people with a magnificent team... Ted Danson and Patricia, obviously when I started shooting with then I was with a certain fear...

Rui interrupts him...

Rui Unas: You are acting with someone that won an Oscar (Patricia Arquette won the Oscar for Best Supporting Female Actress on a Motion Picture for the film Boyhood in which she played alongside with the equally famous actor Ethan Hawke for 12 years, it is importatnt  to mention that she was competing with Meryl Streep also)

Diogo Morgado: Yes they are people extremely important in the show business world that works there for years and me was a fan suddenly I`m there side by side with then and sometimes I have to make an effort to forget that for so many years I saw that people and that actually I worship then and I have to focus “ wait a minute that now I got to do the same was you “

Rui Unas: Or at least try not to appear such an amateur!

Diogo Morgado: My problem is not acting like an amateur. Sometimes I get so distracted for being with that person that I like that I have fear of not doing what is supposed to. I cannot even complain. Patricia is the person with whom I most interact in the series and she is extraordinary. She received me very well. We started immediately talking with each other. She is extremely focused ... and Ted Danson, Ted Danson is great!

Rui Unas: Do you know who Ted Danson is? Go to Internet! (Ted Danson has a long and huge career but probably people know him better for acting in movies like “ Saving Private Ryan “ and “ Three Man And A Little Baybe” )

Rui Unas: Stay there! Don`t go anywhere!

Diogo Morgado: This in the end might sound like a real interview! – Diogo laughs


Sem Título38.jpg


Another guest arrives and Rui Unas continues doing the interview while Diogo assists. Actually it is a very interesting guest so the conversation flows very smoothly. At the middle Diogo and the guest interacts but they are talking about football and things regardless her job, Diogo point of views (actually he makes a question) etcetera! At the end Rui talks about social networks and there`s where Diogo enters on the conversation again.

Rui Unas: You are very active on the internet and you have a project that is a Blog

Diogo Morgado: It is not a project. It is a page...

Rui Unas interrupts him

Rui Unas: Because you, apart of being an actor, that is your main activity, appreciates writing too

Diogo Morgado: I`m a person who has thoughts as all of us ( In france they use an expression that is “trop bien pensant “ to refers to a person that shares ideas, feelings and thoughts “ ) And some of the thoughts that I have I like to put them on paper, therefore, is something that I've been doing for some time. I think a lot about this subject. We live in an age, I mean, this access that I have, someone like me, for example, that works for the public, this power that I have of being able to speak directly on the first person with the persons that follows me or that simply follows my work there is something new, that didn`t existed and it is a huge privilege. I think that using that can be something perverse or very advantageous. For me is my way attempt of thanking the people who follows me. There is only a tiny group of people who follows you tirelessly. I think that those people deserve a special attention!

Rui Unas: Do you want to promote your Blog?

Diogo Morgado: The name is “ Micro Crucial “, it is a page that I have created a little time ago where I share thoughts concerning things that are happening or a little detail that I think relevant and people comments and then we create there an interesting discussion of ideas.

Rui Unas: This is getting so serious!

Diogo Morgado: True! True!

In the end Rui Unas thanks all his guests!

So apparently you were right and I was wrong! I`m on twitter for two months only. I barely knew how that works but I must admit that for me it was very strange mentioning an artist everytime that we say something concerning him, or tagging him constantly. I thought that that was very annoying to the artist so I was just defending my point of view. The smiley’s with hearts on the eyes and flames and shaped hearts, for me, that was all very strange regarding the amount of respect and idolatry that every girl seems to have for Diogo. I stumbled on american fans. I`m from Portugal. Here we see things differently so eventually the collision occurred! We are from different cultures, different generations (mine saw Diogo growing up almost like a brother or ours sweetheart, that is the true and I`m speaking on behalf of the women and fans with whom I deal daily), so I apologize if I was not respectful regarding your devotion to him or even If I expressed my fears so openly cause I really thought that tagging was persecuting someone. I won`t apologize for my temper cause I have my own personality but I must respect Diogo thoughts concerning his fans. That`s all!

Hope you have enjoyed the interview.

It was very interesting in fact!

The video is available on the site of 5 PARA A MEIA NOITE !


Vanessa Paquete Translation 2015 ©





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