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The host João Paulo Rodrigues starts the interview announcing Diogo with a succinct presentation of his nationwide career !


" He is nowadays one of our greatest national ambassadors. Diogo Morgado is one of our most popular actors nationwide and abroad. He began as a model. Later he made a casting of representation. At fifteen, Diogo debuted on a soap opera and later he added various jobs in the area. He was only eighteen when he starred in the first telefilm of SIC "Amo-te Teresa" The success caught him by surprise but Diogo kept his feet on solid ground; he continued to work in television and theater. On this channel (SIC) Diogo starred in “ Vingança”, “ Podia Acabar o Mundo”, “ Laços de Sangue” and “Sol de Inverno” among other relevant roles! Then, the unexpected happened, Diogo made a casting via video to star in the role of Jesus Christ and he was the chosen one. The Bible was viewed by a hundred million of people and gave him the highlight that he deserved. Even Oprah Winfrey surrendered to his talent making him the first Portuguese ever to be interviewed by one of the biggest international presenters of nowadays. Now, Diogo divides his life between Portugal and LA; he worked on CSI:CYBER, was the main character of “ The Messengers “ and recently worked with Daniela Ruah, another Portuguese making success in America. The spotlight did not steal him his genuine soul of the kid of “ Margem Sul “ who played soccer in “ Fogueteiro “ ! Simple, humble and friendly. Whenever he`s around we take a chance to get back in touch with him! "


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João P. Rodrigues: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to call Diogo Morgado!


The audience applauds enthusiastically. Diogo comes quite enthusiastic and playful. Greets the audience embraces the host and sits down. We can see that it is in Portugal that Diogo feels at home.


João P. Rodrigues: Good Morning!!! Look, first and foremost your Christmas was nice?


Diogo Morgado: Was very nice indeed! A peaceful one!


Then Diogo jokes with the audience, refereeing to the audience on the studio and that at home!


João P. Rodrigues: Look but this number of fending off the waters was of Moses and not of Christ (Diogo had entered the studio simulating the water scene)


Diogo Morgado: But that was the idea. I read one day a giant book called the Bible where they did things like that (Diogo and the audience laughs cause he is obviously playing)


João P. Rodrigues: And your life? What about your life? Count me all!


Diogo Morgado: Now it is going very well because I`m yet digesting the sweets of Christmas


They start talking about pastry and some sweets of the season, traditional ones. João Paulo Rodrigues used to be a comedian and Diogo is very comfortable with him which makes the conversation flow with a certain humor, even when they are talking about pastry!


Diogo Morgado: Look, let me send a big kiss to Julia Pinheiro!


Júlia is the other co-host of the show that is in vacations and with whom Diogo has a long term friendship. He looks at the cameras and he sends a hand full of kisses to Júlia in a very loving way. He almost looks like a kid. Sometimes it is hard to know if the child within him has ever faded away.


João P. Rodrigues: Júlia wanted to be here with you as you must know but she is enjoying her vacations and doing pastry at home (they both laugh)


João P.Rodrigues: Tell me something, how has been your life in the United States? I read an interview of yours; I believe that was given by you in 2013 at the time....


Diogo interrupts very playful and smiling. He seems to intensify in Portugal his side of comedian.


Diogo Morgado: You know that not all the interviews that came out are given for me right? I`m joking... I`m joking... (Diogo laughs)


João P.Rodrigues: But I think that interview was .It was an interview in which you said you had not moved abroad to work into the United States. You were just moving around back & forth and now?


Diogo Morgado: Well, there are several interpretations of it! To start every time I go to the United States I go with a purpose; there are things scheduled to be done. What I mean by saying this is that I simply don`t go there spend a season just for fun, no, there are actually scheduled jobs. I think that question came regardless another question that someone placed me; if I had immigrated to the United States...


João P. Rodrigues: Exactly! Are you thinking to stay there for good?


Diogo Morgado: Each time I go, I go on work. There are scheduled jobs!


João P.Rodrigues: And it's important for you having your wife and your son by your side


Diogo Morgado: All aboard with me (he laughs causes he says this vehemently)


João P. Rodrigues: And how does your son is dealing with that?


Diogo Morgado: My son is already bilingual; he speaks English better than me! Sometimes, when I have any doubt I ask him “Son how dad says this?” and he answers me (by this time of the conversation Diogo actually speaks English because apparently his son spending so much time abroad actually assimilates all the American expressions as well as the language ) “ Daddy C`mon “


João P. Rodrigues: He already speaks like that?


Diogo Morgado: Yeah, he speaks with a kind of American Swag; it is cute!


João P. Rodrigues: And what would you say if suddenly your son told you that he wanted to be an actor?


Diogo Morgado: I would say what I say to most of the people, young guys, that comes to me when we`re not recording during the break. Figurants sometimes come up to me because they want to pursue a career in this field; I tell them not to get deceived and to do things for the right reasons. I guess who comes to this medium thinking that is going to make a lot of money is mistaken; who comes to this medium thinking it will get fame is mislead. If a person does not do things for the right reason can quickly be lost and thank God I do something that I love madly. There are good things and there are wicked things. There are things I would aside completely but good things are so rewarding that they are strong enough for me to continue and longer than continue, to seek, to question and search for an improvement, more and more. One of the best things that exist in this profession is that we never know anything or at least we never know everything about the métier and every day I learn something new, those days are the most enriching days I can have!


João P. Rodrigues: You know that the first time I interviewed someone...


Diogo Morgado: In here?


João P. Rodrigues: No, it was not even here in this program, but it was within the context of the program in a more formal sense: I had to do an investigation.... IT WAS YOU!!!

Diogo gazes the host with an incredulous look and a little bit amazed by that fact. As I had already focused João Paulo Rodrigues was a comedian.


Diogo Morgado: It was me???


João P.Rodrigues: I went to interview you on the backstage of a novel (we assume that they are talking about “Sol De Inverno “). Do you remember that?


Diogo Morgado: Yes, I remember that (he laughs)


The host adds in a very playful and emotional way...


João P. Rodrigues: You were my first!!!


Diogo laughs and corresponds to the joke in a very spoiled and loving way, stroking the hands of the host saying: “Ohhh, how beautiful! “


João P.Rodrigues: Look and I was very impressed with your life story because you are, indeed, a very hardworking person and you have something very important that, personally, I value immensely. Despite being one of the best-known Portuguese actors worldwide - Diogo makes his typical face of “Don`t say that “– no, it is a fact and against facts there are no arguments, the truth is that you continue to be the kid who played soccer in “Fogueteiro “


Diogo Morgado: Of course!


João P.Rodrigues: The same kid that came to work for the studios of NBP and that was left in the boat to cross to the other shore completely alone: are you that same person?

Diogo interrupts adding...

Diogo Morgado: And then on the other side, in Cacilhas, that same kid had to catch the bus...

Diogo when started working at the age of fifteen had to catch various transports as a boat that makes the connection between Lisbon and “Margem Sul “as well as the usual bus. In various interviews Diogo focused how hard it was to conceal school with is early and premature jobs as an actor and that, actually, he shed a lot of tears by that time...


João P. Rodrigues: Do you feel pride of your journey so far? From where you started till where you arrived?

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Diogo Morgado: Everyday I get up grateful! I think a person who get up everyday thankful, even with all the problems that exists, because we are all equal. All of us have an ordinary life with bills to pay; we all have our dreams, our aspirations. Some of us have the capacity of waking up gratefully despite all the problems we have, others don`t wake up gratefully... If we wake up grateful we have a purpose. I know it feels like I`m giving here a lecture but I`m just trying to answer your question. Being thankful makes that each time we look back to contemplate the little things that we have achieved we can be proud of it, so, answering your question, YES, I`m very proud of my history, what I did but most proud I will be within a few years because I will be able to look back and say “This went so well! I worked every day of my life and I made it “


João P.Rodrigues: It is true, it went so well and we are all very proud of you!


The audience gives a round of applauses to Diogo, clearly in agreement with the host.


João P.Rodrigues: Before we move on to your future projects that we are all curious to know which they are I wanted to do a game here with you. I want you to make a connection between these three following affirmations: “ I'm afraid that someone will steal one of my kidneys “; “ I will not eat a Hot Dog with Oprah Winfrey “ and “ I`m still the same kid who played soccer in “ Fogueteiro “, actually this last one you have already answered!

Diogo starts to laugh loudly especially when he hears the statement about the kidney!


Diogo Morgado: The fear of stealing my kidney ....The story about it. I will try to be as brief as possible. So, I did a production here in Portugal called Star Crossed, my first bilingual film, spoken in English in 2009. When the film passed at a festival in America an agent called me and when they called me from the United States, from LA to say they were interested in working with me I did not believe. Honestly I thought that they were kidding me. Suddenly these guys connect a young Portuguese actor and have interest over him so I just said: "Yeah, yeah sure! All that they want is to steal my kidney" because they said I had to go straight to LA and I thought "So I stop at the airport, they put a bag over my head, they steal my kidney, put it in a freezer and my kidney goes to Pakistan. It was the first thing that I thought; of course then with the insistence I realized that no, they did not want my kidney, well sometimes I still doubt about it the meanwhile...

All the audience laughs with Diogo and his hilarious story about the kidney!


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João P.Rodrigues: And that's when it all started till it arrives to Oprah. I know she's a woman like all the others as you say so often but can you describe the feeling of eating a Hot Dog with her? She is Oprah, a person that inspires millions of people...


Diogo Morgado: Yes, she is amazing! Oprah is a person who inspires millions of people and she is highly influential; she made me cry I made her cry too. She is one of those examples that we can perceive that did not achieve success by hazard. She made it through hard work and by proving consecutively which was her path and that is an inspiration for me as well: I do not have to follow what others do. I possess my own way and as long as I believe I will follow him day by day. Eating a Hot Dog with Oprah was an amazing moment that even helped me to keep my feet on solid ground. I knew she was following the series because she began posting comments on Twitter, saying that she was really enjoying the production and my work. When the invitation came I was obviously very happy but I was not completely surprised. Actually I was surprised when she started commenting things on Twitter about the show. She really liked what I did. After the interview, after we have eaten a hot dog together she intercepted me and I think I never got the chance to tell this; before she left she asked a assistant of production to call me and we still had twenty minutes of chat in her car where she questioned me about some things that we did not have time to include in the interview; questions that were merely personal curiosities of her.


João P. Rodrigues: I commented a moment ago that you are indeed a very hardworking person, something that you have inherited from your parents; your father had two jobs and speaking about work you entered on CSI: CYBER and you are also doing twenty years of career because before you start working on novels, you started working as a model.


Diogo Morgado: That is one of those concepts that are a little bit wrong. I did some jobs as a model to earn some money and one of them led to an audition for a soap opera, so I had very little experience as a model. My beginning was at fifteen years as an actor.


João P.Rodrigues: You are almost making twenty-years of career. I know that in these twenty years there were very special people in your life that accompanied you and who took part in your professional life; is there anyone you'd like to thank?


Diogo Morgado: There are several people! It is what I mentioned earlier, waking up every day grateful is also waking up grateful for all the people who crossed your path There is a person I never get tired of mentioning that is the late Armando Cortez; he was the first person who believed in me ...


João P. Rodrigues: He told you that you are worth it!


Diogo Morgado: He told me I was worth it and for one kid of fifteen years who is a little bit lost someone saying that injected me a gas that lasted until our days. Virgilio Castelo also and Nicolau Breyner, those are people who were very decisive in my career. Virgilio Castelo with his discipline and his method: his way of working is the method that I got and I keep to date! Nicolau was the person who taught me to have truly pleasure in every little thing that I do and taught me to have a great respect for the audience that is watching me at home.


Then, the presenter makes a short questionnaire to Diogo Morgado about his twenty-years of career. Diogo proves to have an excellent memory which greatly amazes the host but the actor justifies himself by saying that everything he does he does it with a great passion. One of the most interesting parts of the questionnaire is when Diogo can discuss a little bit his role in Vingança, the one he considers to be his MA THESIS at the level of representation.


Diogo Morgado: This character (Santiago Medina) was a controversial character because even though he had reason on his side, I played it in a manner that it was not very usual, even somewhat unorthodox, he was someone who ended up hurting always the people who loved him and I think that lots of people have this side after experiencing some trauma, for example, people who have been in a war, they are often harsh with people who are closest to them.


In the end, Diogo seems very happy because he completed the entire questionnaire successfully.


João P.Rodrigues: It is a pride to have you here with us. You're a person who professionally managed to achieve so many things and if we do not value what is ours and you are ours what else should we value? You represent Portugal very well abroad and although you had become so big you still the same person you were. I met you ten years ago at the backstage of “Floribella “, we use to spend hours on the stairs chatting and you are exactly the same person and we just have to thank you for that!

 Photo: Courtesy Of Facebook Diogo Morgado